spacial things++
  1. Cavity Shelf
  2. Tac-Tiles
  3. Touch Tools
  4. Ovum Urn
  5. Kerf Chair
  6. Pulp
  7. Looper

body things++
  1. Hug Ring
  2. Middle School
  3. Blithe
  4. Drizz
  5. Tight Rope
  6. Oyster
  7. Caught Up

other things++
  1. 99 teapots
  2. Love Letters
  3. Brain Dump

Peaches Harrison-
  1.  My work aims to intersect the disciplines of art and design through use of exaggerated whimsy, playfulness, and concept, often experimenting in using traditional materials in abnormal ways or abnormal materials in traditional ways. Many forms I create stem from experiments in how I can alter a material’s properties to no longer act in its anticipated way. Can steel be flimsy instead of rigid? Can paper be solid enough to hold liquid? Questions like these inform iterative studies and deep examinations that later I apply to a variety of typologies ranging from the jewelry scale, table top scale, and furniture scale.


1. Cavity Shelf and Organ Lamp

Cavity Shelf:
wood, steel rod, extruded polystyrene, acrylic lacquer.

Organ Lamp:
parafin wax, pigment

In collaboration with Voni Studio
Photos : Laerke Rose

“Dressing Body, Undressing Humanity. Veronica Lee’s BFA Thesis consists of 10 looks, a painting, an installation, as well as a collaborative furniture sculpture with product designer Peaches Harrison. Dressing Body, Undressing Humanity contains a narrative arc, and the pieces are presented according to a chronology... The content of the thesis addresses the depravity of humanity and ephemerality of greed and lust, which is consummated by a revival through empathy and spiritual reflection.” -vonistudio.com
(words by David McFaul)